What age do I have to be?

Riders must be 25 years of age or over and have at least one years’ riding experience.

Are locks supplied?

Yes. A lock is supplied and should be used every time you leave the bike. Bike theft in New Zealand is quite uncommon, but it always pays to be prepared!

Are there toll roads?

All road tolls are covered by Motorcycle Rentals New Zealand.

What happens if I have a breakdown/accident?

We do our best with preventative maintenance to ensure you have a trouble free ride.  If you do have a puncture, chain requiring adjustment, oil top up etc you will need to arrange this, yourself.

If you do breakdown in the first instance call MCRNZ. We will either direct you to the closest Yamaha dealer or arrange pick up by AA roadside assist.  AA covers you up to $200.00 of assistance, if you are out in the middle of nowhere riding, you will have to pay the difference in the cost.  If you are calling outside of business hours, please call the AA for 24 hour roadside assistance on 0800 734 543

If the motorcycle is made un-roadworthy by the hirer through accident no replacement motorcycle will be offered.

Where do I pick up the bike from?

Ok we are in Auckland and our bikes are located in Howick, East Auckland and in Wainui on the North Shore.

Can we pick up our bike at the Airport?

We would prefer that you picked the bike up from one of our offices. If you book in advance we may be able to pick you up from the airport and take you to either of our locations depending on where you’re planning on travelling in NZ first.

If we can’t pick you up from the airport then our Howick office is closest and is about 30 – 35 minutes from the Airport and approximately NZ$ 50 in a taxi which wait directly outside the terminal.

A good alternative is It’s a low cost shared taxi service which is cheaper than a standard taxi but may take a little longer to get you to your hotel as it’s a shared service and so may drop others before you on the way.

It’s best to book in advance but the shuttle is directly outside each airport and if they aren’t full you can jump on there and then.

Can I leave luggage at you’re office during my trip?

You are welcome to leave your luggage at the office during your trip and there is no charge.

What are the office opening hours?

It is by appointment only as we are a small boutique business.

What is the kilometre allowance for my rental?

All our rentals have an unlimited kilometre allowance included, so you can ride as far and roam as free as you like.

How do I know I will get the bike of my choice?

Well, this one is easy because we only have Yamaha MT-09 Tracers so you will get what you choose.

What is the security bond/insurance excess?

The security bond/insurance excess is processed on your credit card and refunded upon safe return of the undamaged bike. The insurance excess is the most you would have to pay in the event of an accident. If the damage is only NZ$300, for example, then that’s all you pay but if the damage is NZ$6,000 and the excess is NZ$2,500 you would be liable for NZ$2,500 and the insurance pays the remainder.

What license do I need and what else should I bring when collecting the bike?

You will need a full motorbike licence written in English. If it is not in English you will need an International Drivers Permit [IDP].

Your home country license must allow you to ride the size of bike you are renting. You will also need your passport if from overseas and a VISA or Mastercard for the rental payment and security deposit. Don’t forget to bring the booking confirmation with the address and telephone number of the office!

Can I rent in one city and drop off in another?

Not at this time unfortunately. It is pick up in Auckland and drop off in Auckland.

How old and what condition are our motorcycles?

Our bikes are all late model Yamaha MT-09 Tracers in good condition.

All our rental motorcycles are maintained by qualified mechanics and are New Zealand Government Transport certified for rental vehicles.

Can I rent a helmet and riding equipment?

At this stage, we do not have enough riding gear to offer this as a comprehensive part of our service. But send us an email and let us know what you are after. We will let you know if we can help or if you have to bring your own riding gear.

Do panniers come with the bike?

Yes all our bikes come with factory side panniers and a rear box at no extra charge.

Can I rent a Sat-nav / GPS unit for my trip?

All bikes come with a GPS/Cellphone holder so feel free to bring your own.

Will my mobile phone work in New Zealand and will I be able to get a signal?

Check with your phone company to see if they can turn on roaming allowing you to use your phone in New Zealand. It may be cheaper to buy a SIM card for your phone here (mobile phone shops are everywhere and SIM cards start at NZ$20). Mobile phone coverage is pretty good in New Zealand but if you are riding into mountain passes and along more remote alpine/coastal roads coverage may be poor.

Can I ride on gravel/shingle roads.

Yes, we are happy for our bikes to be taken on gravel roads, this does not void your insurance, (exception: Skippers Canyon, 90mile Beach, or any beach).

But be careful as riding on gravel is not easy and we have many back country roads which are poorly maintained.

Speeding tickets/fines/traffic infringement notices?

If you are caught speeding by the Police, and issued with a Traffic Infringement Notice you are required to pay the fine at a bank within 28 days.  If the speeding ticket arises from a speed camera it is the vehicle’s owner that is fined.  As part of your rental agreement you authorise us to forward your contact details to the police, for any speed camera fines which may arrive in the post after you’ve left the country.  We will contact you for payment first.

What is GST?

Goods and services tax (GST), is a sales tax which is currently 15%. GST is included in all prices.  All our prices include GST

What if I can’t come after I have booked?

You can cancel up to 30 days before your hire start date with no fee.   If you cancel less than 29 day prior to bike hire, we will approach this on a case by case basis given the current situation around the world with covid 19.   There will be no refund for early return of your motorcycle.

What if I want to go home early?

If you choose to finish your hire early/changing your travel plans, we are unable to refund the unused portion of the rental.

What are the Rental Terms and Conditions?

The rental terms and conditions are fairly standard within the rental industry in New Zealand. To view Motorcycle Rentals New Zealand’s – Rental Terms and Conditions click here.

What do I need to know about riding/driving in New Zealand

Well for many visitors it is the fact that we New Zealanders drive/ride on the left-hand side of the road. This can take some getting use to and New Zealand has seen some horrific road accidents caused by people driving/riding on the wrong side of the road very soon after arriving in New Zealand. Our suggestion is to allow yourself time to get over your jet lag and familiarise yourself with the New Zealand road rules before you jump in a car or onto a bike. Click here to see what Tourism New Zealand’s advice is about driving in New Zealand.

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